Tacomelette: Breakfast ‘Taco’ Platter


Is it an omelette? Is it a taco? No, it’s a tacomelette!

After a gruelling session at the gym on Saturday, I thought I deserved a big breakfast. I made myself a big plate of food – two omelette-pancakes (only one made it into the photo :P), cherry tomato and rocket salad, and chunky guacamole. The omelette-pancakes were made in a similar way as regular omelettes (just add milk and flour) and were a great protein-packed substitute to the carb-filled tortilla wrap. For the filling, I used leftover vegetarian mince (Quorn) from my spaghetti bolognese dinner the night before.

The guacamole was my favourite part. I love avocado and tend to eat at least two a week – it is good for your skin, your heart and your weight. The only problem with most guacamole is the raw red onion – the smell of the onion lingers in your breath for a loooooong time, making guacamole a socially awkward addition to a meal or lunch box. I tend to make guacamole without red onions.

Here is my recipe for my chunky guacamole:

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My Melody Bento + Sweet Potato Korokke Recipe


Hello everyone. I hope you are all well and looking forward to the Easter break. 🙂

Gracing my early Easter bento is My Melody, a rabbit character created by the company behind the immensely popular Hello Kitty. Although not as popular as Kitty, she is just as adorable! I made Melody’s pink ears using rice coloured with beetroot. The bento is served with oven baked cheesy sweet potato korokke / croquettes, spring onion / scallion tamagoyaki, and a side salad with diced beetroot. Here’s a quick recipe for the korokke.

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Emoticons Bento


Simple but colourful vegan bento for lunch. Soba (buckwheat noodles) under toppings of diced tomatoes, sliced tofu puffs, courgette / zucchini slices, and soy simmered shiitake. The emoticons are made from sliced radish with nori details. 🙂

Colourful lunch box makes me happy. ^_^



Mezze Style Bento + Tabbouleh Recipe



I love Mediterranean food especially for its lovely colours, fresh herbs, and fragrant spices. For lunch, I made a selection of mains and sides – stuffed aubergine, tabbouleh (Lebanese bulgur wheat salad), spiced tofu ‘meatballs’, a skewer of halloumi, and grilled courgette / zucchini half-moons… served with a generous dollop of yoghurt and a cup of fresh mint tea (both not pictured). My meal was meant to be served in a bento box, but I decided against it since I would have to cut the aubergine into bite size and that would not be possible in a small box.

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Mini Totoro Bento + Veggie Chirashizushi Recipe


Yesterday, I made a bento of vegetarian chirashizushi (scattered sushi). Chirashizushi is perhaps the least known type of sushi in the UK, as many associate sushi with dainty bite-sized morsels of rice and fish. Chirashizushi is easy to make, requires minimal cooking, and can be easily adapted to suit various dietary needs. It is assembled from vinegared rice and a variety of colourful toppings (commonly fish and fish roe). This is my take (vegetarian, of course) on the chirashizushi.

The centrepiece of my bento is my homage to the humble sushi rice. Often the chirashizushi is chock-full of toppings that you can hardly see the most important ingredient, the rice…  without which, there would be no sushi! I chose Mini (Chibi) Totoro, a Studio Ghibli character, as it is cute, white, and fluffy… just like perfectly cooked rice. Chibi Totoro is Big Totoro’s littlest ‘cousin’ in the film My Neighbour Totoro. 

Here’s the recipe:

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Treasure Island Bento + Tutorial


First off, to my US friends and readers, Happy 4th of July!

Made a Treasure Island inspired bento of summery confetti rice salad stuffed avocado boat served with a dressing of shallot vinaigrette. I made a cute pirate bear from a bento pick and cut out the eye patch from nori. The hat is unfortunately not edible, and neither is the flag. I made them by creating the heart-and-crossed-sword design on Adobe Illustrator and then printing onto sticky labels. The avocado half represents the pirate ship/boat stuffed full of the pirate’s loot, and the little heap of rice in the background is the island. I used yellow peppers in the salad to depict the treasure.

I created an illustrated tutorial and added my artwork for those interested in making this bento. 🙂

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Rilakkuma Lasagne Bento + Artichoke Salad Recipe


Created a kyaraben (character bento) from last night’s vegetarian Quorn (mock ‘mince’) lasagne dinner (made a separate mini version in a terracotta ramekin to fit in my lunchbox). Rilakkuma is a cartoon bear whose name means relaxing bear. I used cooked lasagne sheets and nori for details, and mushroom slices for ears. I served the lasagne with a vegan roasted artichoke salad.

This salad makes a versatile side – with tangy, savoury, and sweet notes, on a bed of lush greens. A great accompaniment to any main!

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