Tacomelette: Breakfast ‘Taco’ Platter


Is it an omelette? Is it a taco? No, it’s a tacomelette!

After a gruelling session at the gym on Saturday, I thought I deserved a big breakfast. I made myself a big plate of food – two omelette-pancakes (only one made it into the photo :P), cherry tomato and rocket salad, and chunky guacamole. The omelette-pancakes were made in a similar way as regular omelettes (just add milk and flour) and were a great protein-packed substitute to the carb-filled tortilla wrap. For the filling, I used leftover vegetarian mince (Quorn) from my spaghetti bolognese dinner the night before.

The guacamole was my favourite part. I love avocado and tend to eat at least two a week – it is good for your skin, your heart and your weight. The only problem with most guacamole is the raw red onion – the smell of the onion lingers in your breath for a loooooong time, making guacamole a socially awkward addition to a meal or lunch box. I tend to make guacamole without red onions.

Here is my recipe for my chunky guacamole:

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Lazy Leftover Lasagne Bento / Fake Meat Bento


The bf was too lazy to cook anything outside the box yesterday, so he made a big batch of lasagne using Quorn mince a.k.a. fake meat. We eat so much fake meat that he’s forgotten what real mince tastes like. LOL. Accompanying the lasagne was more fake meat in the form of ‘chicken’ nuggets and ‘Cumberland sausages’ on a bed of garden salad.

Debuting my brand new place mat and serving fork (set of 5) I got from Tiger, a kitsch Danish chain, much like a Danish version of Daiso. 🙂

Hopefully we’ll be in the mood to make something more creative this weekend.

Have a lovely weekend readers and bloggers! ^_^

Winnie xx


Leftovers on Fridays



Rilakkuma Lasagne Bento + Artichoke Salad Recipe


Created a kyaraben (character bento) from last night’s vegetarian Quorn (mock ‘mince’) lasagne dinner (made a separate mini version in a terracotta ramekin to fit in my lunchbox). Rilakkuma is a cartoon bear whose name means relaxing bear. I used cooked lasagne sheets and nori for details, and mushroom slices for ears. I served the lasagne with a vegan roasted artichoke salad.

This salad makes a versatile side – with tangy, savoury, and sweet notes, on a bed of lush greens. A great accompaniment to any main!

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Zodiac Bento: Aquarius

aquarius-large symbol

A quick and simple bento created in between studying for my exams. It depicts my star sign, Aquarius, and is constructed from meat-free ingredients: Quorn fake ‘ham’ slices (urn and stars), omelette (water pouring out of the urn and stars), and backdrop of rice coloured blue with red/purple cabbage to depict water or sky. Sides are Korean style spicy soy pan fried tofu pieces (recipe here), red cabbage, cherry tomatoes, and lettuce.

Winnie xx


Bento Lunch


15 Minute Pinwheels and Chips Bento

15 Minute Pinwheels and Chips Bento

Made a quick bento to take to work yesterday. I was craving for chips / fries (naughty, I know) so I went out and got a small portion from a fast food chain. I topped the chips with chilli flakes, spring onions/scallions, and kizami nori (nori shreds) to give them a bit of colour. Everything else in the bento is pretty healthy, so I guess this bento isn’t too bad for you. Pinwheels are made from brown bread, imitation crab, Quorn mock ‘ham’ slices, lettuce, and a little mayo. All made in under 15 minutes (including running to the fast food chain to get those chips). 😛


Mother’s Day Recipe: Vegetarian Oyakodon


Oyakodon is a nutritious, unpretentious, and wholesome one-dish meal typically consisting of eggs and chicken pieces laid over a hot bowl of rice. It is one of those dishes that I have tried and loved, but somehow forgotten about… until I saw Cosy Bites’ recipe which inspired me to create a vegetarian version, since I am mostly vegetarian (I have become one of those annoying fish-eating veggie hybrids called pescetarians :P).

I have chosen to cook this dish to commemorate Mother’s Day due to its very symbolic name, which literally means ‘parent-child rice bowl’. Although Mothering Sunday falls in March in Britain, the May date is very special to me as it always falls within several days of my mum’s birthday, making it a double celebration.

Making this dish vegetarian is more challenging than I thought, as I had to find suitable veggie substitutes for two main ingredients: chicken and dashi (bonito fish stock). In this recipe, I used Quorn ‘chicken’ pieces and shiitake-kombu (kelp) stock. If you can’t find Quorn, use other meat substitute or seitan.

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Recipe: Odamaki-Mushi (Egg Custard Udon)


What do you get when you put chawanmushi and udon together?

Many of you have no doubt heard of or tried chawanmushi, Japanese savoury egg custard served in a tea-bowl (chawan). The odamaki-mushi is prepared in the same way as chawanmushi, but substantiated with udon submerged in the egg mixture. Odamaki-mushi is perfect as a one-dish-meal. As well as ingredients are concerned, anything goes! Common ingredients include chicken, seafood, ginkgo nuts, shiitake mushrooms, kamaboko (decorative steamed fish cake), etc. but I decided to keep mine simple, as I doubt many Londoners have ginkgo nuts in their store cupboard – I certainly don’t! I made mine with meat-free Quorn ‘chicken’ pieces, mushrooms, and silken tofu.

Ingredients (serves 2):

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