My Melody Bento + Sweet Potato Korokke Recipe


Hello everyone. I hope you are all well and looking forward to the Easter break. 🙂

Gracing my early Easter bento is My Melody, a rabbit character created by the company behind the immensely popular Hello Kitty. Although not as popular as Kitty, she is just as adorable! I made Melody’s pink ears using rice coloured with beetroot. The bento is served with oven baked cheesy sweet potato korokke / croquettes, spring onion / scallion tamagoyaki, and a side salad with diced beetroot. Here’s a quick recipe for the korokke.

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Tofu Katsu Curry Bento + Recipe


The Katsu Curry is the ultimate comfort food. Crispy katsu (deep fried breaded meat cutlets) served with heaps of delicious mild curry sauce on a steaming bowl of rice… Being pesco-vegetarian, I made my katsu from tofu, which I served with a mushroom curry sauce and mixed long grains (brown basmati, wild rice, and Camargue red rice) – rendering my recipe slightly unconventional. My tofu katsu was also baked not fried. I had a little beaten egg left from the breading, so I made an omelette to add colour to my bento; absolutely nothing ever goes to waste in Winnie’s kitchen. ^_^

Bento box is from Daiso. Comes with a pretty lid with floral designs, but is not a portable lunch box (not leak-proof, no strap).

My Tofu Katsu Curry recipe:

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Wednesday Lunch Bento: Best of British


Last night, the bf and I made a fish-and-chips bento, using the loveliest local ingredients we could find – with an Asian twist of course. As we don’t normally deep-fry our food for health reasons, we settled for oven-baked Scottish salmon fillet with Panko (Japanese breadcrumbs) crust. We substituted conventional deep-fried (potato) chips / fries with oven-baked sweet potato chips. It is also customary to serve fish-and-chips with a side of mushy peas, but we used mukimame (shelled edamame) instead to complement the Panko crust. After all, they don’t look too dissimilar to peas!

Fish-and-chips recipe here.

As I needed to coat the salmon in egg in order for the Panko to stick, I had a bit of egg left; I made a spring onion / scallion tamagoyaki (Japanese rolled omelette) with it. I try to avoid wasting food whenever possible. Every edible bit goes in the belly, not the bin. 🙂

We completed the British theme with Jammie Dodgers (shortbread sandwich with jam filling) and Wimbledon staple, strawberries-and-cream.



Recipe: Baked Mushroom Korokke


Korokke rocks!

You may remember from last week’s bento that Marc (bf and ‘sous chef’) and I made a batch of korokke (Japanese croquettes). Korokke normally refers to a deep-fried breadcrumbed ball or patty of potato and minced meat. For health and dietary reasons, we made ours vegetarian with mushrooms and a mash of swede/rutabaga, carrot, and potato – then oven-baked to perfection. They were delicious and filling and you can easily swap the ingredients for your favourite things. 🙂 If you want to save time, get ready-made mash. Here is our recipe:

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