Bunny’s First Harvest


Hello everyone! How are you all? 🙂

We had a rather gloomy winter here in London, but thankfully yesterday we saw our first ray of proper sunshine in months! I have been dormant for a period of time due to forgotten passwords (to WP.com and the email I use for WP), two difficult dental surgeries (ouch!), and horrid weather… With all that behind me, I thought I’d resume cooking and bento-making!

Yesterday’s bento consisted of a Malaysian style ‘chicken’ and potato curry using soya protein, topped with a dollop of plain yoghurt, paired with mixed seed coated ‘soldiers’ (strips of toast for dipping). With the extra bread I had left, I made a simple bunny cut out, showing off its first harvest of the year!

On a completely different note, it was my birthday not too long ago and my good friend made me a cake in the shape of Domo-kun (a mascot monster of a Japanese TV station). How cute was he? 🙂

ImageThat’s all from me today folks! Have a fantastic week!

Lots of love,



Wednesday Lunch Kyaraben / Bento: Domo-kun Yaki-Onigiri Bento


Domo or Dōmo-kun is NHK TV station’s mascot. He is a fuzzy brown monster-like creature with a permanent bewildered face, open mouth, and jagged teeth – the perfect combination of cute and scary. Domo is made from a soy-glazed yaki-onigiri (grilled rice ball), with nori for eyes, red bit of seafood stick for mouth, and teeth cut out from fried egg white. The backdrop is a salad of baby potato and mukimame (shelled edamame) on a bed of lettuce leaves. The sides are nori tamagoyaki (Japanese rolled omelette), steamed broccoli florets, cucumber half-moons, and cherry tomatoes. All vegetarian apart from the tiny bit of seafood stick (which can be substituted with red pepper).


Winnie xx