Recipe: Almost Guilt-Free Chocolate Ganache


It was one of those days when I craved something naughty and chocolate-y, but not too naughty. So I made an almost guilt-free dark chocolate ganache. The trick is to substitute cream for low or fat free Greek yoghurt. The result is surprisingly pleasant – light but versatile. You can dress it up or down. Add banana slices and you’ll get a delicious breakfast. Add some coffee liquor and you’ll get something elegant to serve at a dinner party. I wanted to give my ganache a bit more bite, so I made the base out of oatcakes (Scottish oatcakes, just to clarify, in case there are different types of oatcakes out there). The oatcakes are rough and coarse, giving the ganache a lovely contrast in texture. Oatcakes are also low in fat and carbs, making this little pick-me-up perfect for those on a low carb diet. Thanks to the Greek yoghurt, you will get a nice smooth and thick consistency, making this ganache highly portable – perfect for bento boxes.

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Wednesday Lunch Bento: Best of British


Last night, the bf and I made a fish-and-chips bento, using the loveliest local ingredients we could find – with an Asian twist of course. As we don’t normally deep-fry our food for health reasons, we settled for oven-baked Scottish salmon fillet with Panko (Japanese breadcrumbs) crust. We substituted conventional deep-fried (potato) chips / fries with oven-baked sweet potato chips. It is also customary to serve fish-and-chips with a side of mushy peas, but we used mukimame (shelled edamame) instead to complement the Panko crust. After all, they don’t look too dissimilar to peas!

Fish-and-chips recipe here.

As I needed to coat the salmon in egg in order for the Panko to stick, I had a bit of egg left; I made a spring onion / scallion tamagoyaki (Japanese rolled omelette) with it. I try to avoid wasting food whenever possible. Every edible bit goes in the belly, not the bin. 🙂

We completed the British theme with Jammie Dodgers (shortbread sandwich with jam filling) and Wimbledon staple, strawberries-and-cream.



Recipe: Eggless Tofu Chocolate Mousse


Clockwise from top: Tofu choc mousse garnished with chocolate buttons, icing flower, and cranberries and coconut.

I love how tofu has started to gain popularity in the UK. It took the UK a while to realise just how awesome tofu is. Hailed by some as a superfood, this versatile, protein-rich soy product is fast becoming a prominent ingredient of a healthy diet – perfect for vegetarians and vegans. I was craving something sweet, so I decided to make a chocolate mousse with my leftover Easter egg (not a fan of chocolate, so it was hard work demolishing the Easter egg). Here is the recipe, perfect as a pre-weekend treat:

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