Gyoza Bunny Kyaraben Bento + Recipe for Nira Tamagoyaki

Gyoza Bunny Bento

Assembled a quick and healthy bento for dinner last night. The gyoza (dumplings) were meant to be the bunny’s ears. I was steaming the rice in my bamboo steamer when I decided to eat out of the steamer itself (so I didn’t have to wash another dish!). The bento was constructed from sushi rice, two oven-baked vegetarian Quorn gyoza left over from night before, lettuce, pan-fried tofu cubes, savoury nira tamagoyaki (Chinese chive rolled omelette), red/purple cabbage, cherry tomatoes, and mukimame (shelled edamame). I used flaxseeds for the bunny’s eyes, nori for its mouth, and a little chilli sauce on the cheeks.

You can find my gyoza filling recipe and wrapping instructions here.

See below for recipe for nira tamagoyaki.

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