Temarizushi Bento + Tutorial


Life in Technicolor?

Temarizushi¬†is ball shaped sushi topped with a variety of colourful toppings, usually served as a celebratory dish. I do have a cause for celebration – I started my new job last week. ūüôā

Temarizushi is not dissimilar to other types of nigiri sushi and usually contains raw fish. I am not a fan of raw fish so I made mine vegetarian using whatever ingredients I could find in my kitchen. You can construct temarizushi using pretty much anything, so there is plenty of room for vegans and vegetarians to be creative.

Almost all types of vegetables work well Рraw, grilled, roasted, sautéd, or blanched. For extra flavour, I brushed the reverse of the toppings with a little white miso sauce (recipe below):

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Hello Kitty Sweet Potato Curry Puffs, Recipe + Tutorial


Snack bento: Hello Kitty curry puff on a bed of arugula / rocket salad, with tomato salsa filled mini poppadoms, and blueberries

Hello everyone! Hope you all had a good weekend? The bf and I got our hands dirty making curry puffs. Curry puffs or karipap is a Malaysian savoury snack, also popular in Singapore and Indonesia. It is not dissimilar to an empanada. The curry puff is a deep fried pastry stuffed with curried potatoes and diced chicken, and a wedge of hard boiled egg. My recipe has a slight twist: I made mine vegan with curried sweet potato and mushroom (substituting white potato and chicken) in shortcrust pastry, baked to golden perfection (instead of deep fried). I had some leftover dough which I used to make Hello Kitty faces as decoration.

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Mini Totoro Bento + Veggie Chirashizushi Recipe


Yesterday, I made a bento of vegetarian chirashizushi (scattered sushi). Chirashizushi is perhaps the least known type of sushi in the UK, as many associate sushi with dainty bite-sized morsels of rice and fish. Chirashizushi is easy to make, requires minimal cooking, and can be easily adapted to suit various dietary needs. It is assembled from vinegared rice and a variety of colourful toppings (commonly fish and fish roe). This is my take (vegetarian, of course) on the chirashizushi.

The centrepiece of my bento¬†is my homage to the humble sushi rice. Often the chirashizushi is chock-full of toppings that you can hardly see the most important ingredient, the rice… ¬†without which, there would be no sushi! I chose Mini (Chibi) Totoro, a¬†Studio Ghibli character, as it is cute, white, and fluffy… just like perfectly cooked rice. Chibi Totoro is Big Totoro’s littlest ‘cousin’ in the film¬†My Neighbour Totoro.¬†

Here’s the recipe:

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Treasure Island Bento + Tutorial


First off, to my US friends and readers, Happy 4th of July!

Made a Treasure Island inspired bento of summery confetti rice salad stuffed avocado boat served with a dressing of shallot vinaigrette. I made a cute pirate bear from a bento pick and cut out the eye patch from nori. The hat is unfortunately not edible, and neither is the flag. I made them by creating the heart-and-crossed-sword design on Adobe Illustrator and then printing onto sticky labels. The avocado half represents the pirate ship/boat stuffed full of the pirate’s loot, and the little heap of rice in the background is the island. I used yellow peppers in the salad to depict the treasure.

I created an illustrated tutorial and added my artwork for those interested in making this bento. ūüôā

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Eating Abundantly: Golden Money Bags Recipe


When my sister and brother first introduced me to Law of Attraction, I was intrigued by the concept of abundance, whereby you attract manifest abundance (wealth, success, etc.) through the power of thoughts and visualisation. So I thought, perhaps eating ‘abundance’ might help with the manifestation process –¬†hence these Golden Money Bags. Don’t they look like little pouches of gold? ūüôā

These yummy morsels are Thai in origin (known as toong tong) and are traditionally made by wrapping wonton wrappers around a little ball of pork and shrimp into a little pouch and then deep fried. For health reasons, I have decided to bake mine instead of deep frying. I also made them pescetarian friendly.

They make great starters / appetizers and party food. Here is the recipe:

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Recipe: Sleeping Bunny Omurice


After a tiring Easter Sunday, the Easter Bunny is going back to bed. G’night all, see you next year! For the rest of us, it’s bank holiday Monday! ^_^

This is my take on the popular¬†omurice,¬†based on one of my food illustrations.¬†Literally ‘omelette rice’, the omurice is a popular contemporary Japanese dish inspired by the West. It is made by wrapping fried rice (chahan)¬†with an omelette, finished with a generous squeeze of ketchup. The¬†omurice¬†makes a great one dish meal and looks fantastic in your bento box too.


Here’s how to make my Sleeping Bunny Omurice.

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Recipe: Quorn Gyoza


Gyoza¬†are¬†Chinese inspired part-pan fried, part steamed dumplings called¬†jiao zi, also known as ‚Äėpot stickers‚Äô – as they stick to the pan whilst being pan-fried. In Mandarin, they are also known as¬†guo tie – guo¬†meaning¬†‚Äôpot‚Äô, and tie¬†meaning ‚Äėto stick‚Äô – hence ‚Äėpot stickers‚Äô. Don‚Äôt you just love direct translations?

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