Love Birds Bento


Two little love birds sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G.

Hello everyone! Hope you had a nice couple of weeks? It is absolutely freezing here; friends in the Northern hemisphere, don’t forget to wrap up warm! 🙂

A couple of you asked where I have been the past couple of weeks… It was the wedding of my sister and her fiancé last week. I was of course there to help out, spend time with the family, and enjoy the festivities. She was, I kid you not, the most stunning bride I have ever seen.

I made the above aptly themed bento to commemorate this special occasion, and I shall name the Love Birds Sasha and Steve in honour of the newlyweds.

Here’s how I made it:

1) Place a heart shaped cookie cutter in the centre of a box. Fill box with some rice around the cutter and press down firmly with the back of a spoon to flatten and compact.

2) Without removing the cutter, place diced red peppers to fill out the heart. You may need to dice your pepper into various different sizes to hold and support the shape and structure of the heart.

3) Next, gently lift the cookie cutter and slot omelette strips between the gaps to define the shape of the heart.

4) The love birds were made from inari (deep fried tofu skin). First pat the inari pocket with kitchen towel to dry. Using a pair of scissors, cut out a large comma shape. You should be able to make two birds from one inari pocket.

5) Define the features of the birds using omelette and nori cut outs. Finally, decorate with some baby spinach leaves for foliage, and sprinkle with furikake (rice sprinkles) for added colour.

In the lower compartment, I had diced orange and yellow peppers and spinach goma-ae (Japanese side dish made from wilted vegetables and sesame dressing).

To make last week even more special, my best friend also got married to her long term boyfriend. I couldn’t attend her wedding as I was at my sister’s, so this bento is also dedicated to them.

I would like to end my post wishing the newlyweds boundless love, happiness, and longevity – and my fellow readers – a fantastic start to your week. 🙂

Winnie xx


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