Lazy Leftover Lasagne Bento / Fake Meat Bento


The bf was too lazy to cook anything outside the box yesterday, so he made a big batch of lasagne using Quorn mince a.k.a. fake meat. We eat so much fake meat that he’s forgotten what real mince tastes like. LOL. Accompanying the lasagne was more fake meat in the form of ‘chicken’ nuggets and ‘Cumberland sausages’ on a bed of garden salad.

Debuting my brand new place mat and serving fork (set of 5) I got from Tiger, a kitsch Danish chain, much like a Danish version of Daiso. 🙂

Hopefully we’ll be in the mood to make something more creative this weekend.

Have a lovely weekend readers and bloggers! ^_^

Winnie xx


Leftovers on Fridays



9 thoughts on “Lazy Leftover Lasagne Bento / Fake Meat Bento

  1. Hello, I am curious about your fake meat, is it the same as the fake vegetarian meat made of mushroom and wheat/flour?
    Nevertheless your bento is lovely, I like the colors of the food as well as your new place mat 🙂

    • Thank you Rabbit! 🙂
      It is slightly different from fake vegetarian meat. It is made from a type of fungus and actually does taste and feel texturally very similar to meat. The vegetarian fake meat (that they serve at Buddhist temples, etc.) is usually vegan I think but the fake meat I eat isn’t vegan I don’t think. Have a fantastic weekend! xxx

  2. How did I miss this one and yet you served it in your brand new place mat with new forks, and served some fake meat, too. I just eat the real thing. I am not yet an expert on fake meat. Thanks for sharing. The new place mats look good. I also bought some in Ikea yesterday. I think mine have more colour than yours!

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