Treasure Island Bento + Tutorial


First off, to my US friends and readers, Happy 4th of July!

Made a Treasure Island inspired bento of summery confetti rice salad stuffed avocado boat served with a dressing of shallot vinaigrette. I made a cute pirate bear from a bento pick and cut out the eye patch from nori. The hat is unfortunately not edible, and neither is the flag. I made them by creating the heart-and-crossed-sword design on Adobe Illustrator and then printing onto sticky labels. The avocado half represents the pirate ship/boat stuffed full of the pirate’s loot, and the little heap of rice in the background is the island. I used yellow peppers in the salad to depict the treasure.

I created an illustrated tutorial and added my artwork for those interested in making this bento. 🙂


Click to download artwork:


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