Despicable Me Bento



Last weekend I saw THE summer blockbuster of the year with the bf – and no, it’s not Man of Steel… it’s Despicable Me 2! I have been itching to make a Despicable Me bento since. So this week, I made a vegetarian bento dedicated to the cuteness of this feel-good animated flick, featuring Agnes (left) and two Minions. Agnes is made from rice ball coloured with soy sauce, and details from nori and egg white. The Minions are made from rice balls coloured with turmeric and details from nori and egg white. Also added a cookie to depict the Cookie Robot from the first film.

Have you seen the film? Did you like it? 🙂

Been wanting a Minion to do my bidding, so the bf has been working hard at winning one on the Minion Grabber. After what seemed like the 5th attempt (could be more), we still have no Minion. 😦


My Despicable Me bento was voted Bento of the Week! Thanks to all who viewed, Liked, commented, and voted. ^_^

Bento of the Week Winner


21 thoughts on “Despicable Me Bento

  1. Very cute! Looking forward to seeing the new movie at the Drive Inn this weekend. Voting is going to be tough this week at Bento Blog Network!

      • I don’t know if I can ever make a bento. i love looking at them and i always wonder how much time is put into something like this. I’m a bit on the lazy side. I prefer easy things….maybe one time, one day, I shall try! thanks for visiting me several times today!

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