Recipe: Veggie Wash

Recipe: Veggie Wash

I have always been paranoid about where my fruit and vegetables come from, what’s in them, who’s touched them, etc. For my own peace of mind, I wash my fresh produce, organic or not, with a good spritz of home-made Veggie Wash before consuming, especially if I am consuming raw. Also great for bento making if you use lots of uncooked vegetables.

Here is a simple (and vegan!) recipe to concoct your own Veggie Wash.


  • 1 part good quality apple cider vinegar or white vinegar (I prefer the former)
  • 2 parts spring water


1. Mix the vinegar and water in a spray bottle. I prefer to use a dark glass bottle to protect my spray from the light. Try to avoid plastic as the vinegar is naturally erosive. Vinegar is also sensitive to light, so best to keep it in a dark amber, green, or blue bottle. Keep in a cool, dark place as it is sensitive to heat too! Vinegar is one of the most effective substance for cleaning just about anything; some claim it removes bacteria, mould, and pesticides.

2. Spritz a little Veggie Wash onto your vegetables and leave for several minutes. If the vegetables can withstand gentle scrubbing, then massage them gently before rinsing. If they are fragile, soak them in water and some of the Veggie Wash.

3. Rinse well before cooking / consuming.


Winnie x


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