Hello Kitty Sweet Potato Curry Puffs, Recipe + Tutorial


Snack bento: Hello Kitty curry puff on a bed of arugula / rocket salad, with tomato salsa filled mini poppadoms, and blueberries

Hello everyone! Hope you all had a good weekend? The bf and I got our hands dirty making curry puffs. Curry puffs or karipap is a Malaysian savoury snack, also popular in Singapore and Indonesia. It is not dissimilar to an empanada. The curry puff is a deep fried pastry stuffed with curried potatoes and diced chicken, and a wedge of hard boiled egg. My recipe has a slight twist: I made mine vegan with curried sweet potato and mushroom (substituting white potato and chicken) in shortcrust pastry, baked to golden perfection (instead of deep fried). I had some leftover dough which I used to make Hello Kitty faces as decoration.

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Spirited Away Bento + Napa Cabbage Roll Recipe


Noriben is a portmanteau of the words nori and bento. It is a very simple style of bento, consisting of rice (flavoured or otherwise) topped with a layer of nori. To go with my noriben, I made sides of Chinese leaves / napa cabbage rolls (top right) and Korean style tofu fritters (bottom right). Below is my recipe for napa cabbage rolls. Tofu fritters recipe here.

No Face is a character from Studio Ghibli’s film Spirited Away. He is a lone spirit in the form of a masked figure who befriends Sen/Chihiro in the film. I cut nori and peeled radish to create the facial details, adhered using a little mayo. The mask was cut out from egg white.

Here is the recipe for the napa cabbage rolls. They are elegant and flavourful. I made mine vegan:


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Wednesday Lunch Kyaraben / Bento: Korokke Bunny Bento

Wednesday Lunch Bento: Korokke Bunny Bento

Made delicious korokke (Japanese croquettes) with the help of boyfriend-cum-sous chef Marc. Korokke are made from shiitake mushroom, swede/rutabaga, carrot, and potato, served with two bunny onigiri (rice balls decorated with nori ears and flaxseeds), and a salad of lettuce, red/purple cabbage, and cherry tomatoes. I used double layered nori to make the ears stick out.

You can find our baked mushroom, potato, swede/rutabaga, and carrot korokke recipe here.



Gyoza Bunny Kyaraben Bento + Recipe for Nira Tamagoyaki

Gyoza Bunny Bento

Assembled a quick and healthy bento for dinner last night. The gyoza (dumplings) were meant to be the bunny’s ears. I was steaming the rice in my bamboo steamer when I decided to eat out of the steamer itself (so I didn’t have to wash another dish!). The bento was constructed from sushi rice, two oven-baked vegetarian Quorn gyoza left over from night before, lettuce, pan-fried tofu cubes, savoury nira tamagoyaki (Chinese chive rolled omelette), red/purple cabbage, cherry tomatoes, and mukimame (shelled edamame). I used flaxseeds for the bunny’s eyes, nori for its mouth, and a little chilli sauce on the cheeks.

You can find my gyoza filling recipe and wrapping instructions here.

See below for recipe for nira tamagoyaki.

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Recipe: Sleeping Bunny Omurice


After a tiring Easter Sunday, the Easter Bunny is going back to bed. G’night all, see you next year! For the rest of us, it’s bank holiday Monday! ^_^

This is my take on the popular omurice, based on one of my food illustrations. Literally ‘omelette rice’, the omurice is a popular contemporary Japanese dish inspired by the West. It is made by wrapping fried rice (chahan) with an omelette, finished with a generous squeeze of ketchup. The omurice makes a great one dish meal and looks fantastic in your bento box too.


Here’s how to make my Sleeping Bunny Omurice.

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Tacomelette: Breakfast ‘Taco’ Platter


Is it an omelette? Is it a taco? No, it’s a tacomelette!

After a gruelling session at the gym on Saturday, I thought I deserved a big breakfast. I made myself a big plate of food – two omelette-pancakes (only one made it into the photo :P), cherry tomato and rocket salad, and chunky guacamole. The omelette-pancakes were made in a similar way as regular omelettes (just add milk and flour) and were a great protein-packed substitute to the carb-filled tortilla wrap. For the filling, I used leftover vegetarian mince (Quorn) from my spaghetti bolognese dinner the night before.

The guacamole was my favourite part. I love avocado and tend to eat at least two a week – it is good for your skin, your heart and your weight. The only problem with most guacamole is the raw red onion – the smell of the onion lingers in your breath for a loooooong time, making guacamole a socially awkward addition to a meal or lunch box. I tend to make guacamole without red onions.

Here is my recipe for my chunky guacamole:

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Soaking up the sun: Kimchi fried rice bento + recipe

Kimchi fried rice bento dosirak

Kimchi fried rice with broccoli, tomato, and mandu (Korean potstickers)

Hello everyone! I hope you are having a fantastic summer. Over here at Wokking It kitchen, we have been gripped by fear of missing out on sunshine, which explains the lack of update. 😛

Last week, I dragged the bf to New Malden, London’s very own ‘Koreatown’ and home to 20,000 Koreans. I stocked up on Korean food supplies, which facilitated the creation of this bento (or should I say ‘dosirak’?).

This bento contained kimchi fried rice, or kimchi bokkeumbap as it is known in Korean. Kimchi is spicy fermented vegetable (usually napa cabbage) condiment eaten widely in Korea and is fast gaining popularity in the rest of the world, partially due to its abundance of friendly bacteria. Kimchi fried rice is an extremely easy and versatile dish to make and is great for clearing out your fridge. It is also vegetarian (provided the kimchi is vegetarian – watch out for fish/anchovy sauce and MSG in your store bought kimchi). The fried rice is a great way to introduce someone to kimchi, who might be put off by the pungent smell of kimchi.

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My Melody Bento + Sweet Potato Korokke Recipe


Hello everyone. I hope you are all well and looking forward to the Easter break. 🙂

Gracing my early Easter bento is My Melody, a rabbit character created by the company behind the immensely popular Hello Kitty. Although not as popular as Kitty, she is just as adorable! I made Melody’s pink ears using rice coloured with beetroot. The bento is served with oven baked cheesy sweet potato korokke / croquettes, spring onion / scallion tamagoyaki, and a side salad with diced beetroot. Here’s a quick recipe for the korokke.

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Recipe: Almost Guilt-Free Chocolate Ganache


It was one of those days when I craved something naughty and chocolate-y, but not too naughty. So I made an almost guilt-free dark chocolate ganache. The trick is to substitute cream for low or fat free Greek yoghurt. The result is surprisingly pleasant – light but versatile. You can dress it up or down. Add banana slices and you’ll get a delicious breakfast. Add some coffee liquor and you’ll get something elegant to serve at a dinner party. I wanted to give my ganache a bit more bite, so I made the base out of oatcakes (Scottish oatcakes, just to clarify, in case there are different types of oatcakes out there). The oatcakes are rough and coarse, giving the ganache a lovely contrast in texture. Oatcakes are also low in fat and carbs, making this little pick-me-up perfect for those on a low carb diet. Thanks to the Greek yoghurt, you will get a nice smooth and thick consistency, making this ganache highly portable – perfect for bento boxes.

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Totoro Vegetarian Zhajiangmian Bento


The fork / food pick is only a prop. No one in their right mind would eat noodles with it. 😛

You may remember from last week’s bento that I bought a new brand of vegetarian mince (Neal’s Yard). I decided to make a spicy Chinese noodle dish called Zhajiangmian or jajamen in Japanese. Zhajiangmian is the Chinese equivalent of the spaghetti bolognese: wheat noodles topped with spicy pork mince sauce, spring onions and other toppings. I substituted pork with soya mince and mushrooms and used Shanghai noodles (white wheat noodles).

This week’s bento features Totoro, the titular character of animated film My Neighbour Totoro. I used the mince to form the body of Totoro and details from egg white and nori. Other components include julienned carrot and spring onion (scallion), egg yolk stars, and a radish eight-point star.

Unfortunately my mince turned out a little dry; I decided not to post the recipe. :-/

Hope everyone is having a great start to the week. 🙂


Winnie xx


Koi Fish Bento with Mapo Tofu and Gyoza

Koi fish bento with gyoza and mapo tofu

No fish was harmed in the making of this bento

Hi guys! Did you all have a good weekend?

This week’s bento was sort of an experimental bento. I bought a different brand of vegetarian mince (I normally eat Quorn, but decided to give Neal’s Yard soy protein a try) and decided to cook it two ways: mushroom and veggie mince yaki-gyoza (grilled dumplings), and vegetarian mapo doufu or mapo tofu (Szechuan style tofu in a spicy bean sauce). I added to my bento two koi (Japanese carp) rice balls decorated with nori and carrot peel, radish stars, and omelette strips to create a lattice effect over the tofu.

Mapo doufu is like chilli or bolognese; everyone’s got their own recipe. It is usually cooked with pork, but as I don’t eat meat, I needed to add some depth to the dish, hence the miso paste. Unlike pork, vegetarian mince does not add any flavour to the dish, only texture. Here’s my recipe:

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Bunny’s First Harvest


Hello everyone! How are you all? 🙂

We had a rather gloomy winter here in London, but thankfully yesterday we saw our first ray of proper sunshine in months! I have been dormant for a period of time due to forgotten passwords (to WP.com and the email I use for WP), two difficult dental surgeries (ouch!), and horrid weather… With all that behind me, I thought I’d resume cooking and bento-making!

Yesterday’s bento consisted of a Malaysian style ‘chicken’ and potato curry using soya protein, topped with a dollop of plain yoghurt, paired with mixed seed coated ‘soldiers’ (strips of toast for dipping). With the extra bread I had left, I made a simple bunny cut out, showing off its first harvest of the year!

On a completely different note, it was my birthday not too long ago and my good friend made me a cake in the shape of Domo-kun (a mascot monster of a Japanese TV station). How cute was he? 🙂

ImageThat’s all from me today folks! Have a fantastic week!

Lots of love,